So apart from getting together, eating exceptionally well and having lovely visits with neighbors, what are Dining for Art and A Grand Mingling all about? They are fundraisers for our Public Art Initiative.

As the “Neighborhood of the Arts” with an active and thriving Artist Enclave, Historic Kenwood is the first neighborhood in St. Petersburg to declare that art and artists are not only welcome here, but important contributors to our vibrant, creative, diverse culture. But until last year, there was only one piece of public art in the neighborhood: Curtis Sneary’s mural on 34thStreet.

Over the past year and a half, a Public Arts Committee was formed to bring public art into our neighborhood. We developed a master plan with goals, objectives, operational policies, and a hefty list of projects. We started with the bench art project – one that would create impact and draw folks into our increasingly well used Seminole Park.

This year, we are undertaking our next project: creative finials to top the sign posts throughout the neighborhood. They will likely include ceramics, sculpture, glass, painting, and more. There will be ways for any neighbor to get involved in these. Classes will be offered, allowing residents to participate in creating a finial for a signpost near them. More details will be forthcoming shortly. But the vision is to infuse art and delight throughout the entire neighborhood, just as our Historic Kenwood signs imbue our identity on every street corner.

Who benefits? We all do. We all deserve to have art in our midst. You can help make it happen.

Here are a few images from last years public art project.

Public Art Master Plan

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