President’s Letter – September 2018

Hello neighbors! For those of you returning from your summer getaways – welcome back! And for the rest of us who survived this oppressive heat – we did IT <wipes forehead>!

For your HKNA Board, the Fall season is a time of planning. We begin to think about all we will have accomplished as we close out this year, and what our opportunities are for the coming year! Again – if you have a great idea for next year, please share with any board member so that we can begin to budget accordingly.

As for accomplishments, thank you again to all the residents that have already paid their 2018 HKNA membership dues! Your contribution helps keep the neighborhood moving forward building new website, hosting new events (yoga in the park, Dining for Art Grand Mingling, etc.). For those that haven’t yet paid, you still can quickly and simply renew or join here.


My top personal planning goal for next year is to ensure we keep a strong, diverse and healthy HKNA Board of Directors and committees for our neighborhood. Each decision the HKNA board makes directly impacts you and your home, your neighbors and our entire community. Your participation in this decision-making process is critical, whether it is through attendance to meetings or better yet, actively volunteering just a little of your time to be a new member of our HKNA board or one of the various committees we have.

As Jane Goodall once said “The greatest danger to our future is apathy”. We have it really good in Kenwood – so good that many of us forget there is a lot of work involved in maintaining this great quality of life. We have a lot of young families moving in who aren’t engaging – and we need YOU. We need your ideas. We need your skills. For instance, Jamelia Triola and the Friends of Mt Vernon have already significantly improved the school rating for one of our local schools – and within the next two years I am confident Mt Vernon will be A rated. As a result, Woodlawn is looking for Historic Kenwood parents to help do the same (please let me know if you are interested). Now granted, Farhan and I don’t have any kids, but we understand the benefits of living in a community with a strong public school. We need your help to continue shaping the future of our neighborhood.

We live in this community because we want to raise a family in a neighborhood that is safe, friendly, beautiful, diverse and full of neighborly love.  I also want to retire in a neighborhood where people take care of their property, exhibit a sincere “pride of ownership” and where my home is considered a high quality, lucrative investment.

I know from speaking with many of you, that you too truly care about this neighborhood. The best way to act on this is to become a volunteer and/or consider joining our HKNA Board or one of the various committees we have (HK Partnership, Garden Workshop, etc.). The time commitment is only a few hours each month and proven to be very accommodating to a busy work/personal life – which I am well aware we all have!

By carving out just a little of your time to be an integral part of our future! YOU can personally make a positive difference for your family and all in our community.  Besides this, you will meet some wonderful people along the way and feel the pride associated with personal involvement.

With Love, Michelene Everett

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