New Business of the Month

by Jeff Schorr
Pedego electric bikes of St. Pete recently opened at 2315 Central Avenue. They sell, rent, service, and give tours on the # 1 brand of electric bikes in the USA.

The best (and fun) way to discover St. Pete is on a Pedego.  Don’t worry about keeping up with your friends, headwinds, or being able to get back home, because your Pedego will help you.

A Pedego is just like a regular bike, only better.  Pedegos have Pedal Assist and a throttle.  The Pedal Assist system senses your pedaling and provides assistance automatically.  The throttle provides full power on demand – especially helpful for getting started from a standstill.

Caroline Harbaugh and Pam Beckom ensure you receive the bike that’s right for you.  Rentals come with a helmet, lock and water.  They even apply up to $100 of your rental towards the purchase of your own Pedego.

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