HK Partnership Joins in This Month’s St. Pete CareFest

by Jim Garnett
The Historic Kenwood Partnership takes on house painting and yard beautification on Saturday, September 29, 9am-Noon, at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 31st Street N.

This is Historic Kenwood’s yearly effort to support the Citywide CareFest program that launches projects all over St. Petersburg to help residents with their houses and yards.

Volunteers are especially welcome since these CareFest projects tend to be more ambitious than most. Volunteers have fun together as well as the satisfaction of helping grateful neighbors. You can get on the volunteer roster to be notified of upcoming projects by emailing or by talking to any member of the Steering Committee—Michelene Everett, Farhan Malik, La Auna Lewis, Tom Lancraft or Jim Garnett.

This project is a return to that site to continue beautifying the yard and to paint the fence and parts of the house.  Sometimes one project is enough to accomplish what needs doing and enables the homeowner to carry on from there.  In other cases, more than one project is needed.  The Partnership helps neighbors who need help with painting or yard work because of physical or financial challenges. If you need such help or know a neighbor who does, notify us the same ways as above.

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