Janna Kennedy

Award winning mask maker, surface designer, mix media artist with a new art form called “Gourdgeous Art”.

I have been creating bazaar figurines out of all kinds of gourds, by installing eyes and teeth to create personalities of the subjects of different professions. I am a Dali Zodiac, as well as a member of the Morean, Warehouse Arts Exchange, and hopefully any other art organization I can find.

Recently I won 3 masks contests and am proud to announce 2 of my masks now reside in The New York Public Libraries’ permanent collection. One of my award winning masks was purchased by Bette Midler.

I am currently working towards the Florida Craft Art Festival in November. I have been chosen to create 2 more finial art pieces for HKNA. I have 5 pieces in the Dia de los Muertos upcoming show October 8th-the 30th!

Website: jannakennedy.com

Instagram: Janna313
Facebook: janna.kennedy

Email: Janna.m.Kennedy [at] gmail.com

Phone: 646-651-9895