D. YaeL Kelley

I am an organic expressionist.

I find inspiration in stones, shells, the movement of the air, and in the shadows as they play across the ground. I explore transcendence and inner journeys.

The work is experimental, searching for that perfect pure color, the exact line, the precise curve, stroke, or movement of the brush. I make no preliminary drawings preferring to work in the moment allowing the light, and emotion within to direct me. Working in oil, through layer up-on layer of thin glazes, powdered pigments, gold and silver leaf I build upon the canvas communicating my process. With strong color and bold gestures I seek to maintain the organic flow as it is seen in nature. I am scrying into the tree of life.

What do I want from my work? I want to stand across the room and see truth looking back from the canvas.

Website: dyaelkelley.com

Instagram: dyaelkelleyart

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