Amy Wolf

I hail from equal parts northern California and Western Pennsylvania, and spent my adult life between NYC, PA, NJ and Lima, Peru before landing in St. Pete in early 2020. I received my BFA from The NY State College of Ceramics School of Art & Design at Alfred and my MA in Sociology from Arizona State.

I consider myself primarily a mixed media ceramic artist, who also likes to draw and sew and take pictures. I flow back and forth between the functional and sculptural, often combining both. My current work is mostly figurative in nature and is an intuitive expression of my interior world. My making process is a semi-stream-of-consciousness-like process, in which I let the medium co-direct what happens and which I like to explore after completion, as I do my dreams, for insights and connections to a greater understanding of myself.

Instagram: wolfcraft360

Email: amy.wolf.1973 [at]