Statement of Support

HKNA Statement of Support

The Board of HKNA recognizes the pain, grief, frustration, and difficult issues surrounding the death of George Floyd. We stand with our neighbors to support those who suffer at the hands of bigots and racists who wield power. We also support the efforts of our elected officials in the City of St Petersburg who recognize the needs of our citizens: to be protected and served by those who have taken an oath to do so. We are not a perfect city, but we believe by listening carefully and working actively, we, together, can act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly to overcome the problems facing us and our community. In this we are united and HKNA stands with the Black community:

  • We oppose any form of racism or bigotry.

  • We care about human and civil rights of all persons.

  • We support those who are doing what they swore to do: protect and serve, whether it be police officers or other city officials who wield power over the lives of citizens.

  • We are willing to act by voting and other peaceful means to see justice prevail.

HKNA Board of Directors
St Petersburg, Florida
NUSA National Neighborhood of the Year 2020