2022 Artist Studio Tour – “Artists at Work”

Saturday and Sunday – March 19th and 20th, 2022 – 10am to 5pm

I agree to acknowledge and adhere to the 2022 Artist Studio Tour Guidelines listed below:

  1. All art on display for sale is my original artwork or a reproduction of my art.
  2. I will participate, and if I’m a studio host, have my space open both days of the Studio Tour according to the published event hours.
  3. I will contribute to social media and/or direct promotion of the event. (Share the event and promotions on Instagram, Facebook, emails, phone calls, morning dog walk chats etc.)

Important items to prepare before the tour:

  1. Have additional signage at each studio.  Arrow signs to direct guests: Enter Here, Come IN! Make sure your name is visible.
  2. Clear walking paths and clearly marked enter/exit.
  3. Clean up and spruce up your exterior and studio. The more attractive your space the more positive the feedback from guests. Keep your art dust-free. Still have your tools not all packed away, but visible where visitors can see them and ask questions. 
  4. Live demonstrations of your creative process are encouraged. 
  5. Provide ample lighting. Open blinds, etc.
  6. Use printed visitor sign-in sheets with AEHK logo: Name, email, address. 
  7. Each stop needs a greeter and at least one volunteer to welcome and guide, so that  artists can focus on explaining their work and doing demos.
  8. Use the artist description and price cards as if showing in a gallery. Use cards next to each piece to indicate artist name, title of artwork, medium, description, dimensions, price, or NFS (not for sale). These cards create a uniformity and standard for the whole enclave. We want to put on our professional faces.
  9. Make sure to take enough maps for your studio to give to visitors.
  10. Make sure to hand out additional AEHK materials (e.g., brochures) to guests.
  11. Make sure you have and WEAR your AEHK name badge to identify yourself as the artist.
  12. Have a place for your pets out of the way of guests. Be aware of lingering pet odors.
  13. Prepare an artist statement in first person format and brief bio in third person format on display. Have business cards printed and placed in a holder that defies wind.
  14. Make sure all items are secure overnight Friday. 

Day of the Tour:

  1. Ask a volunteer to make a visitor count each day. Not all sign the visitor list.
  2. Put the visitor sign-in sheet where it is readily accessible.
  3. Offer water or light refreshments, especially in the afternoon when it may be hot.
  4. Yard signs will be delivered to your home in the days before the event. Keep them safe overnight and put them in the grass between the sidewalk and the road in the mornings, and remove them shortly after 5 PM.
  5. Ask visitors how they heard about the tour.
  6. Direct visitors to the next stop.

Let’s celebrate what makes our community so great: working artists living and creating together in our own, beautiful neighborhood. Each of us represents all of us. 

Please be kind and open-minded to all the volunteers, artists, hosts, guests and visitors.

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