2022 Artist Studio Tour – “Artists at Work”

Saturday and Sunday – March 19th and 20th, 2022 – 10am to 5pm

Event Overview:

The Annual Historic Kenwood Artist Studio Tour is a self-guided 2-day event that is free to the public. Participating enclave artists open their studios to show and sell their work from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Because this year’s theme is “Artists at Work,” artists are highly encouraged to have works-in-progress on display and allow visitors to watch live demos of your creative process.

This is a non-competitive event. The annual Artist Studio Tour is our chance to show to the world one of the most unique aspects of Historic Kenwood: the authenticity of our arts community where we live and make art in the same space!

This is also a great opportunity for artists to sell their work to the wide public directly from their studios and homes. The artists get to keep all proceeds from sales made in their studios. Usual sales tax laws apply.

Let’s show up together! Artists with accessible studio space are asked to invite another artist who works in a less convenient space or outside the neighborhood.

An added feature of this year’s tour: The Kenwood Gables Bed & Breakfast will host an exhibition of select artwork of the Enclave during the tour. This will be one of several official locations offering brochures and other information.

The event will be heavily promoted in traditional and new media and through distribution of marketing materials around St. Pete. It’s still important that all participants help spread the word to make this a successful event for all. Let’s raise each other up.

There will be a map featuring all the artist studios registered in time.

Please reach out to all artists you know in our neighborhood, who may not have joined in recent meetings or events to encourage them to consider participating in the upcoming tour.

The Studio Tour Committee highly encourages non-visual artists to participate.

Volunteers will be needed. Contact person:________________ (The contact person to be guiding all the volunteers will also be a volunteer. Maybe you…)

Covid protocols will be observed to assure everyone’s safest experience. 

This year’s artist studio tour committee: Jan Richardson, Luci Westphal, D. YaeL Kelley, Jana Kennedy, Joy Rose, Lisa Presnail, David McCauley.  


Hosting artists and guest artists must be paid members of the Artist Enclave of Historic Kenwood for 2022 and therefore reside in Historic Kenwood.

The completed application form and a $25 fee are due by December 21st, 2021 (midnight).

Online registration and payment preferred. Hard-copy paper applications available at our monthly meeting and to be submitted to Luci Westphal (2310 Burlington Ave) by December 21st (5pm). Make checks payable to HKNA; please add the memo “for AEHK Studio Tour”. Checks or cash can be handed to Luci or Lisa Presnail. No refunds.

All participants must read and agree to follow the 2022 Artist Studio Tour Guidelines.

Let’s celebrate what makes our community so great: working artists living and creating together in our own, beautiful neighborhood. Each of us represents all of us. 

Please be kind and open-minded to all the volunteers, artists, hosts, guests and visitors.

Artwork for promotional materials:

Images and sounds you’ve submitted to the AEHK website gallery may be used for promotional purposes. If you want different images than those to be considered for promos, please submit the new image, video, or sound to Luci Westphal (MyHKNAArtistEnclaveOnline@gmail.com) no later than January 5th.

Application Form:

Please check only the option that applies to you.
Please check your appropriate payment.
Please provide name and details of guest artist or host artist you'll be exhibiting with.
There is no guarantee that your images will be included in marketing materials for this event. New images must be submitted no later than January 5th.
$ 0.00
This form redirects you to PayPal for payment to: Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association. (HKNA is a not-for-profit organization.)
Before clicking the box acknowledging you read them, please actually do read the 2022 Artist Tour Guidelines