Why Should You Buy Local Art?

So, what is art really? Why do we want it? What does it really do for us? Why does one piece fall flat to you and yet another is something you want to bring into your home? How does it help your community when you buy it locally? All are great questions and there are certainly more. I'll let some people with much more knowledge than I try to help you figure out why.  
Bill Heyen

by Todd Bingham

Because they love it.
Because they want to decorate.
Because they want what the Joneses have.
Because they want what the Joneses <don’t> have.
Because they’re thinking of it as an investment.
Because they can.

All great answers and all correct, if a little specious. And even though I haven’t come up with the one, single most compelling reason people buy art, I do have one that does not occur to most salespeople.  It is also one I submit would help them most in doing what they are called to do. People buy art as a benchmark to their lives..........................

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Anonymous post

The reward for buying real art isn’t always the fact it will be worth more than you paid for it one day. While it is true the value of real art almost always increases, the greatest reward is that the art you purchase is worth something right now, to a real artist with real needs. Great artists struggle. They struggle in the spaces between what they want to say and what you want to hear. Art isn’t easy and it’s not some sideshow parlor trick to get rich. If art were a get-rich-quick scheme, it surely has to be the worst idea since the alchemists tried to turn lead into gold.

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by Rodger LaPelle

Home Decoration. People look at their walls and decide to decorate their living quarters with an eye to color arrangements or soothing or exciting subjects. They are buying art basically as an add-on piece of furniture. 
Body Decoration. Art is bought to wear — painted ties, sculptured hats, jewelry. 
Philanthropy. Helping an artist financially either as a young one starting out or an older one down on his luck. The artwork is selected to preserve the dignity of the artist/recipient. The main reason is not the art per-se but to aid a struggling art worker.

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By Brian Sommers

Across the country and around the world, artists move into troubled or blighted neighborhoods or parts of cities that have fallen on hard times and revitalize them with their artistry. Property values increase, new businesses move in and the overall quality of life in those areas improves immeasurably. Sooner or later, the public at large discovers these wondrous transformations, and in some cases people actually travel great distances to visit these creative oases. In other words, buying art and supporting artists serves much larger purposes than simply decorating your walls. It provides artists with the means to improve the quality of life for everyone.

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