Neighborhood Cleanups


As needs arise and/or the spirit moves us, we organize volunteer cleanup sessions. We generally ask residents to spiff up the area around their homes in late October so we look our best as we welcome visitors to BungalowFest. At other times, we undertake cleanups of public spaces. Like the rest of St. Pete, Historic Kenwood is fortunate in having some lovely and well-used parks in our midst. Since these add so much to our quality of life, we gladly pitch in to help the city keep them clean and attractive.

For some info on keeping your streets and alleys clean, click here.





For example, on a Saturday morning since January, 2011 Board Treasurer Jeremiah Rohr organizes a cleanup at Booker Creek Lake Park.  Located just north of the Ed White Hospital and south of 13th Ave. N., this is a beautiful neighborhood park with lots of public amenities -- a playground, picnic pavilions, restrooms, fishing piers and a wonderful walking trail around the whole lake. It is a great place to see lots of wild life and enjoy a little time in an oasis right in our back yards. 

The cleanups are cooperative efforts involving about 30 volunteers from our
neighborhood association, six or eight members of the National Beta Club from St. Petersburg High School, about 25 students from JobCorps, and several staff members from the City of St. Petersburg Parks Department. The City provided hand pickers, trash bags, waders and other equipment.  Working together -- and visiting with one another as went along -- we got the job done is less time than we'd anticipated and finished up with some pizza and beverages.

If you see a need or would like to help spearhead a beautification effort, please contact a member of the board.



CAREFEST is in Sept.
To see pictures of Carefest 2014, click here.

This is a national day of volunteer service. The city of St. Petersburg has won the award for the most volunteer
hours four years in a row. Historic Kenwood does its part with 30+ volunteers who clean our streets and
install new street signs. The street sign (re)installation was the final phase of a project that we had started at 2010's
CareFest. Due to new laws for street sign safety and visibility, our existing four-inch signs had to be replaced with
six-inch ones that are highly reflective. In 2011, the city produced signs for Burlington and Dartmouth Avenues
that would correctly fit our custom signs. We had a couple of two-man teams with ladders and tools to
accomplish this task.

As for the street cleaning, that was just get out there and do the hard  work of
ridding our streets of weeds and overgrowth over the granite curbs.

Many thanks to the water girls for there aid in quenching our thirst.