A Neighborhood of the Arts

The arts are a big part of Historic Kenwood in St. Petersburg, FL

Our neighborhood is greatly enriched by the artists who live, work, and sell their wares here. Here you'll find galleries and working studios in the Grand Central District on on our southern border. Throughout Historic Kenwood, you'll find painters, potters, quilters, jazz musicians, opera singers, concert pianists, writers, poets, dancers, and many others living in our midst. We're a more vibrant, creative community because we embrace the arts and our artists. In Oct. 2014, we became an Artist Enclave Overlay District, in which artists benefit by being able to work, teach, and sell their wares in home studios.

Our biggest annual art event is our BungalowFest home tour. For the past couple of years, we have featured art from neighborhood artists in the homes that were on our BungalowFest home tour and our last tour included 3 at home artist studios for visitors to see. A couple of times a year, the Artist Enclave has hosted studio tours throughout the neighborhood. Also throughout the year, the arts are a big part of our activities. In the past, Historic Kenwood musicians have performed at a porch parties and neighbors gathered in lawn chairs and on blankets to watch a movies in Seminole Park. Musicians show up at family events in the park, as the arts are fostered and encouraged throughout our neighborhood. 

We are also beginning to create public art. Our first mural was painted in 2010, and plans are in the works for another. Even our first logo design below and neighborhood signs reflect our focus on the arts.


Below is a story about artists moving to St. Petersburg:

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