Kenwood Kidz

Kenwood Kidz

Those gleeful squeals and giggles you hear throughout Historic Kenwood are evidence that our neighborhood is again filling up with children and grandchildren. This calls for a revival of Kenwood Kidz, a once-a-month playdate for parents, grandparents and children to meet new friends and enjoy supervised crafts and games. This parent-and-kids “networking” event is free and sponsored by the HKNA. Kenwood Kidz will return every second Saturday of the month with new activities. Parents or grandparents must accompany their children and, if desired, provide juice and snacks for their own kids. For more information, contact Charla Cribb at or 727-366-6277

Keep up to date on events using the calendar on our home page or our Historic Kenwood Kidz Facebook page.

Please watch a video of our award winning Kenwood Kidz program. Click here.

Past Events:

Matt Wiseman teaches football skills.

Kate works with the little ones making "Macaroni Shakers".

Kids always enjoy the park's playground.