Home Stories

Welcome to 'Home Stories". This is an area where we the tell the stories of our homes, historic buildings and maybe of the people that live(d) there. Please send in your stories and any pictures you may have. This could be just the facts about your home or you could tell any stories about your home. This could be about any history you've been told, the people who grew up there or about the renovation you have done. Whatever you want to share, we'll place it here.

Barbara Thomas and Roy Adams remember growing up in Historic Kenwood.  Click here for the video.

Just click on the number to see each home's story.

1"Celebrating over 100 years"   2101 - 4th. Ave. N.  

2The Rose/The Craftsman House     2955 - Central Avenue   

3Man rebuilds home in Historic Kenwood   2635 - 4th. Ave. N.   

4The Mari-Jean Hotel     2349 - Central Avenue  

5. St. Pete High School    2501 - 5th. Avenue N.ore

6. Nolan's Grocery Store    2300 1st. Ave. N.

7. The Miss Mayo House     2741 - 2th. Ave. N.