Home and Garden Awards

Recognize the efforts your fellow Historic Kenwoodians are doing to improve the curb appeal of their homes and send in a nomination today! This is an award given once a month to an HK resident that has enhanced the exterior of their home with some improvement or by adding/changing their landscaping. If you have a nominee, please e-mail their name, address, reasons for the nomination and a photo of the home to Audrey Wood at audreycwood@gmail.com

Please click on the winners name to see the full story.


       Chris Hewell


      Michael & Rhonada Cutts      

      Ron Willsey

      Rick Dunn      


      Lisa Presnail 

      John Cox and Richard Gibson

      Tom and Deborah Bogan


      Mark, Sue, Pam, Bailey and Honey


     Jack Maynard

     Larry, Amber and Eleanor 

     Melinda Hill  

      Virginia Chacon and Bennett Zamoff 

     Joann and Jimmy

    Nick Long and Cara McCown

    Ann Wade Stone