Historic Kenwood Preservation

Historic Kenwood Presevation

Our community’s historic preservation committee collects items from and for anyone who is remodeling a home and  wants to donate historic items. These items range from hardwood flooring, door knobs, wood windows, solid wood doors,  etc. We do not pay for these items; they are donations. We also donate items to those in our community who are remodeling homes. Houses that maintain historic value are well sought out by buyers. Homes that maintain their historic value can apply for one of several historic home recognitions that will also bring value to their home. 

A spedial note from the Preservation's founder:

I am happy to announce that Alec Smith is now the manager of our garages/warehouse.  Alex is dedicated to assisting in preserving the historic value of our community. If you need to get in he can be reached at Smith60.alec@gmail.com. or 727-6560237. Some time ago, we had to move out of our garage warehouse that was donated by Joanne. Now, thanks to the generosity of Don Orgeron, we have moved to a new location. Don immediately offered us a two-car garage to use as our preservation warehouse. Thanks to Don Orgeron’s contribution, we are back up and running. We cannot express enough our deep appreciation to him. Please call him (727-424-2850) if you need his assistance. Our community is an impressive showcase of homes, better than any neighborhood I have ever lived in. Without a doubt, Historic Kenwood has the most dedicated leaders, the most energetic volunteers, and the most active community I have ever seen. I don’t know why anyone would ever want to live anywhere else.

Lastly, I would like to thank all those who volunteered to assist us in the move from the old preservation warehouse location to the new warehouse location. I also want to thank the following volunteers who donated a Saturday out of their busy schedule, and assisted us in moving everything we had in storage from one location to the new location: Jennifer Smith, Alec Smith, Jeremiah Rohr, Richard Ellman, Scott Peters, Bob Reid, and Jody Declet.

A special thanks to Jennifer Smith, who took the lead and did an excellent job in organizing this move.

Anyone with questions, please call me in regards to preservation of their existing home, donations or collections.

Reach me at 410-991-0172 or nabbducks@aol.com

WC Turner

Committee Chair