Historic Kenwood Murals

Murals in Historic Kenwood, St. Petersburg, FL


Historic Kenwood is truly a neighborhood of the arts. One manifestation is the mural on the corner of 34th Street and 8th Avenue N - the western boundary of our neighborhood. The 40 by 20 foot mural, designed by Curtis Sneary, was the winning entry in our 2010 mural contest. It was completed to commemorate our seventh annual Founder's Day celebration. A close up of the mural is to the right--->>>>>

Here is a link to the murals in the city.

Here is a link to a video on the murals in the city.


Here is the entire finished mural on the building. 

To see the progression of the painting from start to finish click here.

Sarah Sheppard's new mural is below. It's on the west side of the China Finders LLC building, 2823 Central Avenue - in the Grand Central District.

This one is on the side of Old Key West at 2451 Central Ave.

Here is a mural painted on the fence in an alley between 24th. and 25th. St. and 5th. and 6th. Avenues. 


Currently, we are in a holding pattern on this idea. We were em”bark”ing on another mural project that will incorporate paintings of Kenwood dogs and cats on the columns that hold up the interstate overhead. The mural will grace the dog park we opened in 2009 at 4th Avenue and 20th Street N. For a fee, part of which will be donated to an animal rescue organization, Kenwoodians and dog park patrons will have the chance to have a painting of their dog or cat by one of a group of artists working on this project.

In starting this project, we were inspired by the dog mural in Dunedin(seen below). Anna Hamilton, who started Murals for Mutts and painted the one in Dunedin, has agreed to help us with this one. She has grown this dog mural idea in multiple locations and donates part of the proceeds to a local pet rescue. She is eager to help our artist initiatives and will work with area artists on completing this project. This will be just one more showcase for some local artists and another work of public art to enliven Kenwood. 

Work on this could/would commence as soon as we receive permission from Florida State Highway authorities. If you’re interested in having a portrait of your pet painted, please get more info at http://www.muralsformutts.com/. or e-mail at muralsformutts@gmail.com