Historic Kenwood Dog Park

In June of 2009, we celebrated the opening of our new dog park. We're grateful to city council member Jeff Danner who worked for nearly three years to secure funding for the park. 

Location: 20th Street N, between Fourth and Fifth Avenues (underneath I-275)

Hours: Daily from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset (established hours for all St. Petersburg City dogparks)

Facilities: With more land than most of the city's dog parks, our Kenwood dog park is fenced with doubled gated entrances and exits. There are separate water fountains for thirsty pets and their owners, a pooper scooper station, benches, a locked neighborhood bulletin board, trash bins and a parking lot. And, no dog park would be complete without a fire hydrant! 

Dog Park Rules
  • Dog feces must be cleaned up by the dog owners.
  • Dog owners must be in the park and within view of their dogs at all times.
  • Dog owners must have a leash in hand at all times.
  • Keep small children and infants under strict supervision.
  • Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the park.
  • Dog owners must immediately fill in any holes their dogs dig.
  • Aggressive dogs are prohibited from the park.
  • Dog must be under voice control at all times, i.e. they should come when called by their owners.
  • Thank you for observing common courtesy and park rules while visiting this unique St. Petersburg public facility

For More Information:  Contact the parks department at (727) 893-7441

Facebook: A group of neighbors started their own page for users of the park.
Click here. There is also a new one here.

Dog park brightens Historic Kenwood

     June 6th. was a great day in St. Petersburg and Historic Kenwood. It was the day we had the grand opening of the latest dog park in our fine city. This new addition to the Historic Kenwood neighborhood is a good one. What has made Historic Kenwood such a wonderful place to live is the diversity of the families that live there.
We had all types of people come together to celebrate a new park where you could bring your family. A place to meet your neighbors. A place to have fun and exercise. A place for camaraderie. But most of all, it is a place that was once ugly and an eyesore for the neighborhood and the city, but is now a beautiful park for all to enjoy. It is a wonderful entrance and new gateway into our neighborhood that is welcoming and inviting.
This park says a lot for the city of St. Petersburg, Mayor Rick Baker and council member Jeff Danner. They should be commended.
Thank you to all who made this park possible. I am looking forward to the wonderful impact it will have on our neighborhood.

Bobbie Talley-Kensler, Historic Kenwood resident

Click Here for more pictures of the grand opening of our dog park.