Historic Kenwood Artists

Information about our newly formed Artist Enclave can be found here.

Many artists make Historic Kenwood their home. Our former "Art in the Park: showcased about 25 of them each year. Below are two ways for you get to know some of them and get a glimpse of their art.

1. Artist Catalog:
For BungalowFest 2013, we wanted to showcase some of our local artists and created a catalog to show them. To see it, click here.

2. Newsletter Interviews:
This feature, started in 2012, is being spearheaded by HKNA resident Brian Lynch. He will be interviewing and adding a new artist each month. Just click on an artists name to see a bio or interview with them along with some examples of their work. All pictures/images are the property and copyright of their respective owner.

Sallie Hackett Brown - Reconstruction Sculpture

Jennifer Logan - Pianist/vocalist/teacher 

Susan Rohr - Gardener/Stained Glass

Andy Smith - Painter

Dwayne Shepherd - Painter

Michael Perenich - Photographer

Lisa Cox - Painter

O Som Do Jazz - Jazz Band

Marty Bosy Newlon - Jewelry

Steven Kenny - Painter

Dawn Merselis - Jewelry

Ron Salvage - Photography

Joyce Salvage - Ceramic Tiles

Barbara Lewis - Torch-Fired Enamel

Maureen McDole - Poet

Colleen McGrath - Opera Singer

Ray Luck - Pianist

Brandon Marshall - Abstract Art

Dianne Caton - Clay Pottery

Sarah Thee Campagna - Metal Sculpture - "CyberCraft Robots"

Curtis Sneary - Painterly Realism