Great Neighbor Award

Recognize the wonderful things your fellow Historic Kenwoodians are doing to help each other out and send in a nomination today! This is an award given once a month to an HK resident that has gone above and beyond to help a friend or neighbor in need. We see it every day – they walk the dog for their sick neighbor or they help a friend with some cleanup or repair around the house. A sign will be placed in their yard to recognize them for the month. If you have a nominee, please e-mail their name, address, reasons, a photo of them and the reason(s) for the nomination to Audrey Wood at


Please click on the winners name to see the full story. 

     Jim Garnett

     Roger and Jenny Gilkey

     Helen and Ryan Memoli


    Jeremiah Rohr


     Scott, Daniel and Hunter Wright 2159 7th Avenue North

     Kevin and Sean, 2842 3rd Avenue North

     Susan at 2725 3rd Ave North

     2800 block of 8th Ave. N.

    Tanya of Downtown Doggie Center

    Terry and Alma Brown

    Brigitte Kay