Elfing 2011

Here in Historic Kenwood, there are a couple of phrases during the holiday season, "Beware the Kenwood Elves, Decorate or be decorated", and "Trust us, you don't want to be decorated!". The problem is the Kenwood Elves have all the decorating taste of Rosanne Barr. With knowledge of what might come, the targeted know about the elves, so any decorating is all in good fun for even the one that got "Efled". See for yourself:


Paul decided this year that he would only put lights on his chicken coop and his backyard fence, leaving his home bare and "unprotected".

Well, the Kenwood Elves decided that just wasn't good enough. 

So, after they drank a little beer, they wondered what to do with the cans. They quickly found a good use.

They also decided that Paul's house needed a little bling for the holidays. 

So, they added a little trim. So, what if it was a little knotted?

Then they thought some pretty red bells would add a nice touch. Doesn't Colonel Sanders look like Santa?

One of Paul's chickens turned out to be rooster, so the elves thought of a simple solution.

Don't the "bells" bring the spirit of the season.

Such a sight at night to light the way for Santa.

Some other "Evles" thought that one Bobby Quigley could use a redneck wind chime for the holidays.