BungalowFest History

     In 1999, our neighborhood association was approaching 10 years old. Some of us that had been there since the beginning, decided that it was time to take the next step in our growth. We decided we needed two things, money and exposure. After some consideration, it was apparent that the best way to accomplish both those goals was to put on a home tour. We could market the neighborhood by promoting the tour and showing people what renovated homes in our neighborhood could look like and at the same time make some money by selling tickets. It was Bob Jeffrey that coined the term BungalowFest to sum up the event. After that all we needed were some home pwners that would be willing to show there homes. Our first year we had 19 homes, and while that is a bit large for a normal home tour, we wanted to make a big splash. That we did, with over 1000 ticket buyers that first year we were almost overwhelmed. After that big success, it has been one more after the other with the main challenge being only to come up with a different hook to the tour each year to help keep it fresh for returning tour goers. Please enjoy this short look back.

BunglaowFest 2010  Tour Brochure  We returned to having 5 homes on our Moonlight tour.

BunglaowFest 2009  Tour Brochure  We received a write-up in the Tampabay times.

BunglaowFest 2008  Tour Brochure  This was the year we featured some of our neighbor's Travel Trailers.

BunglaowFest 2007  Tour Brochure  For a third third year we did a "Moonlight Tour" as well as a day tour.

BunglaowFest 2006  Tour Brochure  Our second year of also doing a night tour, BungalowFest by Moonlight"

BunglaowFest 2005  Tour Brochure  This was the first year we had a night tour, "BungalowFest Moonlight".

BunglaowFest 2004  Tour Brochure  Historic St. Pete High school was on tour for the first time.

BunglaowFest 2003  Tour Brochure  This was the year we did our version of "While She Was Out".

BunglaowFest 2002  Tour Brochure  Originally a grocery store in the 20's, this refurbished space is now four loft apartments

BunglaowFest 2001  Tour Brochure  Two homes that were restored and featured on HGTV's Restore America were on this year's tour.

BunglaowFest 2000  Tour Brochure  This tour included apts. and studio space on Central Ave.

BunglaowFest 1999  Tour Brochure  This year was our first try at a home tour put on by the neighborhood itself.

For a list of the homes that were on tour listed by year, click here.