BungalowFest 2015

Thanks to all who came out to tour our homes. We had over 650 visitors to the neighborhood. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we are grateful to all our committee members, advertisers, homeowners, volunteers and all the wonderful people we met who toured our community. It was another great day in Historic Kenwood. To see a copy of our home tour brochure, click here. Please visit our advertisers and let them know you saw their ad here. Thanks

We got two great articles written about our tour and the work of the Historic Kenwood Partnership. This one was in the Tampa Bay Times. Click here. The second was in the Gulfport Gabber. Click here

Check out this video of our tour made by a local realtor, click here.


BungalowFest celebrated Historic Kenwood’s recent and past history with a unique home tour starting at 2900 - 3rd. Ave. N. The tour featured homes that are completely restored and some home art studios that highlight us being an Artist Enclave. BungalowFest 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association and our 17th. tour. It’s a celebration of the Historic Kenwood neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida and the history of the bungalow. The goal of the tour is to showcase the neighborhood while showing visitors that anyone can undertake a restoration project.

Our home tour featured some of the best examples of architecture in Historic Kenwood. There were 9 homes, 3 separate at-home art studios and 1 historic church on tour. This was a self guided tour. Homes were spread throughout the neighborhood. Guided trolleys were provided to help move people taking a leisurely walking through the neighborhood. It is a 2.5 mile trip through the neighborhood so many drove to each home or used their bikes. 

Our tour booklet was provided to our visitors with tour homes, map and descriptions. One home detailed our Historic Partnership team that works to renovate homes in the neighborhood for homeowners that don't have other means. At this home we showed before and after pics and gave details that highlighted the various teams that worked on the house and the transformation of the outside of the home.

This year our tour included a Scavenger Hunt.  For $1, people identified the item in each home with the Historic Kenwood logo and had a chance to win 2 baskets of wine or rum and other prizes.