Booker Creek Park

Booker Creek Park is a neighborhood park located at 23rd. St. & 13th. Ave. N. It is next to I-275 and behind Edward White Hospital. While this is just outside of our neighborhood on the northeastern edge, in the North Kenwood neighborhood, many "Historic Kenwoodians" use it frequently for family events, walking and jogging, or just relaxing while watching nature. There are many bird species, fish, turtles and even an occasional alligator.

The park has undergone some major renovations including the addition of a covered playground and parking improvements. There is a paved walkway encircling the lake with access to two wooden piers. There are restrooms, picnic tables and pavilions with grills making this a great place to host a birthday party or other kid friendly get together. Fishing in the lake is permitted from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This year will be our second hosting a clean-up of the lake and surrounding park in conjunction with the city's park deptment.

Pinellas Trail Extension

There are long range plans to make an extension to the Pinellas Trail. This extension would begin at Booker Creek Park, roughly follow the interstate South and connect with Tropicana Field and the existing Pinellas Trail to the South. This would be a great addition to the neighborhood allowing many walkers, joggers and bike riders a safer connection between these points. Here you can see an aerial of the proposed route with a couple of options. This will not come without a cost. But, this is not just a good thing, but also a needed one. If you were to follow the proposed path on foot, many times you will see a rut in the ground where many have already taken this path getting from one place to another or simply taking their dog for a walk.

The Pier:



Picnic Pavilions and tables:

Benches to look at the lake, both here and on the piers.

Playground for kids:

Many places to walk your dog:

Fountain in the lake:


Just a really nice park.