Art In The Park

Information on our newly formed Artist Enclave can be found here.

Once a companion part of BungalowFest, Art in the Park was an event to help showcase some of the artists in the neighborhood.

In 2013, we featured art of our neighborhood artists in the homes that were on our bungalowFest tour.

Art in the Park for 2012 was revampted. The plan had artists set up at a designer show home and at the homes on tour. 

All Historic Kenwood Artists
During the Designer Show home Gala on Saturday, October 27th. 2012, we wanted to showcase our Historic Kenwood artists. This was a great opportunity for them showcase their artwork in front of a very influential crowd.

Take a look at Art in the Park, held on Nov. 5th., 2011 at Seminole Park - at Third Avenue N and 30th Street N in Historic Kenwood.

Sarah Thee Campagna (pictured here with her husband) of CyberCraft Robots. She was one of the two featured artists for the show. Sarah specializes in sculptures of robots and UFOs that have a lot in common with humans in many cases, and are sleek art objects.

Dianne Caton and other artsists display their art.

Charlie Parker's bowls and platters:

One of the other featured artists was Barbara Nicolazzo, who does ceramics and paints cars. What a cool thing that is, to customize one's car into an one-of-the-kind work of art. Barbara also paints other mass-produced items, like computer mice and other things.