Public Art

Here It Comes,....
Public Art In Historic Kenwood!

We call ourselves “The Neighborhood of the Arts,” and are proud to be home to so many artists and our Artist Enclave. But … where exactly is the art? Jeff Danner, Brenda Gordon, D YaeL Kelly, Linda Kellett, M.J. Baker, Bob Jeffrey, Charla Cribb, and I have met for the past six months to develop a public art master plan for Historic Kenwood. This is an ongoing effort over many years, but we were excited to launch our first project this fall. And the first project is… (drum roll, please!) Bench Art — turning our Seminole Park benches into works of art. Artist Enclave members were invited to submit design proposals. Chosen artists painted benches, creating another wonderful Kenwood attraction before BungalowFest 2017. They were be paid up to $400 per bench. Our hope is that this first project begins the transformation of Seminole Park – and other areas throughout Historic Kenwood – into magnets of delight. Durable Coatings at 3055 - 1st Avenue South has generously donated paint. There are many more projects in the works behind this one, lasting several years. Not all of us are artists, but we can all be champions of art.  For more info or if you have creative ideas, just email me at, and we’ll get in touch. Laura McGrath